01_GONZAGA-logoGonzaga is one of the leading manufacturers of furniture in Slovenia. It was founded in early 1998 and it has grown to become the company which offers an integrated service, including consultation, engineering and production of furniture for offices, kindergartens, schools, libraries, hotels and public urban spaces (playgrounds, parks and fitness trails).

They are focused on the production of furniture and equipment for public institutions as well as private enterprises.

In order to meet all of their client’s needs, investing in development is one of the main priorities of the company. The development of new ranges of furniture is based on constant observation of new trends, which is visibly reflected in their furniture programmes.

_DSC5786-lepa-bajaTogether with indigenous engineering, modern technology-assisted production and competent personnel, Gonzaga is able to offer high-quality furniture with superior performance that satisfies even the most demanding customers.

The stable growth of Gonzaga is also a result of a fair and responsible attitude toward all business partners and associates, environmentally conscious production of furniture and socially responsible business. Ongoing sales growth of the company isn’t visible only on the domestic market, since Gonzaga is continually expanding also internationally.

Today the company boasts a growing number of customers at home and abroad with Gonzaga’s furniture present in most EU countries, Russia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc. The growing demands of the global market are a welcome challenge for the company, which they are tackling successfully. The proof of that are many satisfied customers and respectable references in Europe and worldwide.

More information about Gonzaga’s furniture programmes, references, etc.: www.gonzaga.eu

Gonzaga-pro d.o.o.
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