LogoLG_newThe Wood Industry Cluster (WIC) is a non-profit private organization/association founded in 1999 by 17 woodworking companies and two institutions.

WIC combines companies and institutions from Slovenian Forestry, Wood processing, Furniture, Energetic and Chemical industry. There also exist very close relationship between WIC and CCIS-Wood Processing and Furniture Association.

The mission of the WIC is the promotion of the integration of companies and research institutions, aiming at improving the knowledge transfer into the companies, training, internationalization,WIC_gzs5 facilitating their participation in international development projects and implementing projects of common interest, resulting in knowledge-based competitiveness.

The driving force of the Wood Industry Cluster is the Cluster Office. It is responsible for the coordination of the Cluster activities and important projects of common interest. It cooperates with a number of external partners, who are experts in certain fields.

The staff of the WIC office has more than 25 years of working experience in the wood-processing sector, especially in the field of clustering, networking, development, project coordination and management, participation in EU projects as well as in training and internationalization. The WIC staff has participated in the several international projects and proposals (H2020, FP7, FP6, LdV, Eureka, ERA-NET, IEE, SEE Programme, INTERREG, etc). WIC have experience also as Exploitation and Dissemination manager of the European projects. It has established close contacts with most of existing Slovenian RTD and supporting organizations and international networks in forest-based sectors. WIC is also co-founder of the Development Centre of Creative Furniture Industry. In 2014, WIC acquires the bronze Cluster Management Excellence label from European Cluster Excellence Initiative.

Wood Industry Cluster
Dimiceva 13
1504 Ljubljana – Slovenia
P: +386 1 5898 284
E: grozd@sloles.com
W: http://www.lesarski-grozd.si/en/
Contact: Mr Bernard Likar (Advisor)

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